Use of Plywood- A Smart Move towards an Elegant House

 05/13/2017 10:40 AM

When the individual sheets of wood called ply are fixed together with adhesives, plywood comes into existence.  There was some reservations surrounding plywood but now people have started accepting the same. Due to its strength and durability it has become a reliable material for construction workers and architects. Nowadays it is common to see plywood kitchen shelves, cupboards, drawers, etc.

Why plywood is considered a smart move?

  • Durable: As it is made of individual sheets fixed together, it is much stronger than natural wood. It can withstand extreme pressures and harsh weather conditions.
  • Water resistant: It is an ideal wood to build boats or tree houses as its water resistant property does not let it shrink, swell or sink in water. Century plywood is highly in demand in the construction industry.
  • No Polishing: This makes plywood the most wanted wood amongst the woodworkers as there is no need to polish it. It is available in different sizes and textures and can be easily carved and attached to other woods. This gives an aesthetic appeal to the place without investing a fortune on polishing or painting.
  • Affordable: It is a cost effective way of building your dream house. Neither it will burn a hole in your pocket nor it will let you compromise on the taste. This non splitting wood can be easily drilled or nailed without any damage and gives an elegant touch to the place. Checkout century ply price list and opt for the best wood for your house.
  • Easily curved: Another added feature of plywood is that it can be easily fabricated and carved into different shapes and moulded into furniture and fittings. In comparison to natural wood that is hard to mould plywood adds to the beauty of the house and is also eco-friendly.


If a palatial house is in your bucket list and you are not willing to compromise on quality then plywood is the safe bet that will make your house look royal and keep it strong for years.

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